Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's That Time of Year

Halloween is coming and the ghost hunts are increasing, not only because of the holiday but because this time of the year is the best for spirit activity. Have you ever heard that old saying, ‘there’s something in the air’? Cooler weather experienced in autumn increases the electrostatic energy in the air; the best time being October through February. 


What is electrostatic energy? Well, you know what Static Energy is, that’s when you hurry across a carpeted room in your socks to reach a doorknob that is going to shock you with a bolt of electricity. The change in climate between a hot, muggy summer to a cool, breezy autumn allows a lot of static energy to build. Spirits are also thought to be energy and the combination of those two forces is electrostatic energy or the possibility of increased energy in static form. At any rate, whether I explained it well or not, it’s a good time to ghost hunt.


The caution that Cee’s Ghost Hunting and Paranormal wants to make is that Halloween can also be a time of what we call, ghost torture.


Spirits are living people who have departed their physical being for a energy being, they are not Halloween side shows, nor should they be used as ‘let’s scare the new kid’ games. There are responsibilities to ghost hunting and high on the list is RESPECT.


Respect for the spirits and for other ghost hunters who come after you. In the last ten years of hunting, I’ve seen cemeteries go from opened fields to boundaries, all the way to fencing and security guards. Your actions can influence the next group of ghost hunters who are seeking knowledge, not thrills.


If you are going out on a ghost hunt here are the RULES of RESPECT that all professional groups follow.


Ø     Spirits were once living people treat them with respect when you ask questions. Don’t antagonize or challenge them, is that how you want to be treated when you are deceased?

Ø     The property you are on belongs to someone who has to pay taxes…be respectful and do no damage. That’s pretty simple there, behave yourself and act like a professional.

Ø     Introduce yourself; let the spirits know who you are, why you are there and that they are remembered.

Ø     Stay together: never go off alone, you could fall in a well and Lassie has been retired a long time who’s going save you?

Ø     Document your findings: The whole purpose of ghost hunting should be to gather evidence. The more we find out the more we can understand about the after life and how we can help those that are stuck for one reason or another.

Ø     Be Professional; or you have no business out there.






Cee’s has been very busy lately and we have much to show you. Please keep checking back for updates and exciting photos of evidence.



Remember all you ghost hunters out there, respect property and respect the dead, and always carry extra batteries! Be sure to check back for more investigations by Cee’s Ghost Hunting and Paranormal. You can also sign up for email notifications at the bottom of this blog.  Be careful out there.




ghost-written by D. Susan Rutz

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  1. Rules of Respect for ghost hunters; don't be thrill seekers, be professional